Kays Panto 2017

Mother Goose

Our 63rd Pantomime was
Mother Goose

Mother Goose was an amateur production, written by Paul Milton, and directed by Paula Dymock and Rachel Sedgley
Mother Goose is always hard up, so hardup she unable to pay the rent she owes to Squire Bransford. She faces eviction but at the last moment Fairy Harmony seeing her perilous position sprinkles magic dust on her goose Priscilla. As a result the goose starts to lay golden eggs, valuable enough to pay off all the rent which she owes and allowing Mother Goose to move to the Palace of St Peters. Word of the golden goose reaches the ears of villain Demon Discord who offers Mother Goose youth and beauty in exchange for the goose. So Mother Goose visits the rock pool at Powick on Sea, the miracle occurs and she is transformed. Now wealthy and beautiful she starts to ignore Priscilla and the Demon seizes his chance and takes the goose. Realising her mistake Mother Goose calls upon Queen Quillhemina for help, and finally Priscilla is restored to her rightful owner and all ends happily ever after in the best panto tradition.